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Resin Bound Surfaces

Resin Bound Surfaces
From driveways to playgrounds

Resin Bound Surfaces

Resin Bound Surfaces
From driveways to playgrounds

What is it?

Resin Bound surfaces are gravel surfaces fixed together with resin to create a durable surface. They are permeable, which means they are less likely to allow standing water and can improve drainage and also provide an attractive and long lasting alternative to gravel or concrete.

Because of the modern technology involved in laying resin bound surfaces, an expert is required to select the best materials and ensure that the gravel surface is laid properly. Some companies offer resin bonded, this is a less superior finish and does not provide all of the benefits of Resin Bound.

The smooth texture of Resin Bound creates an ideal surface for children to play on and makes areas easier for wheelchair and buggy access.

Why use it?

Resin Bound surfaces provide the perfect combination of durability (traditionally found in concrete) and drainage (a bonus of gravel surfaces); creating an attractive and long lasting surface that requires minimal upkeep.

The resin coating allows water to drain, but unlike gravel, also stops weeds from growing, meaning that your driveway or patio will look spotless all year round.

Additionally, Resin Bound surfaces are smooth, as opposed to gravel, which can catch in wheels, or concrete that can break up and crack; creating improved accessibility for wheelchair users and parents with small children.

The durability of a Resin Bound surface means that it is easy to keep clean and its improved drainage means that it is less likely for mould or moss to build up on it.

Our area of coverage

Based in Thanet, East Kent, we install resin bound surfaces for clients across Kent, from Dover and Folkestone around to Whitstable and Medway and inland down to Canterbury, Ashford and Maidstone.

Examples of our work

Did you know?

Resin bonded surfaces are extremely tough and are made up of four different surfaces.

Because the gravel is bonded, it means your surface won't lose colour or be kicked about.

The resin used in the surfaces means that they are flexible and far less likely to crack in adverse weather.

Because they don't crack, resin bound surfaces are buggy and wheelchair friendly.

Resin bound surfaces are permeable and allow standing water to drain through them.